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Needle Aponeurotomy

      Needle aponeurotomy was developed by a group of doctors in Paris over 30 years ago. It has become popular here because of its convenience and cost effectiveness. Needle aponeurotomy, or NA, can be performed during an office visit typically taking less than 30 minutes. The hand can be used immediately for light use, and usually a few days later for unrestricted use such as sports.

    DSCN0058    DSCN0056

       Needle aponeurotomy involves injections with local anesthetic xylocaine, and a small needle is used to divide the Dupuytren's cords. Gentle manipulation is used to break the tissue, usually resulting in immediate improvement of motion. A simple dressing or BandAid is applied to the hand. The benefit is convenience, lower cost, and earlier return to work/activites compared to surgery. 

       Infreqently there can be a skin tear that typically heals with wound care. Recurrence of the contracture is common over years, and further treatment can be performed including repeat NA, Xiaflex injection, or open surgery.

DSCN0248  DSCN0265
           Before and after pictures of needle aponeurotomy

For video examples of needle aponeurotomy click here: YouTube



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