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Cubital tunnel syndrome

     Cubital tunnel syndrome is characterized
by numbness and/or tingling in the small and ring fingers of your hand, usually with elbow flexion. It is frequent at night and likely associated with elbow position while sleeping. Other common causes include talking on the phone, driving, and reading. Other causes can include a pinched nerve in the neck(radiculopathy) and thoracic outlet syndrome, but these are less common. 

      Treatment involves avoiding elbow hyperflexion by using a headset or Bluetooth when on the the phone, lowering keyboard height, and avoiding prolonged elbow flexion in general. When sleeping place an elbow pad in the front of the elbow to prevent flexion, or wrap the elbow with a towel. 

     If symptoms progress, a nerve conduction/EMG study should be performed by a reputable physician. Depending on the result, a variety of surgical options include: simple cubital release, subcutaneous ulnar nerve transposition, and submuscular ulnar nerve transposition. The surgical options should be discussed with the surgeon to choose the best option for you.



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