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What is Dupuytren's disease?
      Dupuytren's is a growth that occurs in the palm and fingers of the hands. It occurs in both men and women, and is more common in caucasians of northern European descent. Over time there can be disabling contractures in the fingers and palm. There is no cure including changes in lifestyle, diet, medications, and surgery. It is considered hereditary, but there may be an environmental influences. Growths can also occur on the back of the fingers and on the sole of the foot.


How is it treated?
     Dr. Lewis is a national expert in both non-surgical and surgical treatment of Dupuytrens.  If your growth is not causing disability, then simple monitoring is appropriate. A simple exam is the 'table top test' by placing your palm on a flat surface. If you are able to place your hand completely flat then no treatment is needed. Over time, contracture of your fingers can develop and then treatment may be appropriate. We are specialists in non-surgical management including both needle aponeurotomy and Xiaflex collagenase injections. Surgery is also be an effective treatment for select patients and is also offered.

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Positive 'table top test'



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