Open surgery ie regional fasciectomy

Open surgery does have a place in the treatment of Dupuytren's disease, especially in the case of severe contractures or recurrence. Recurrence can occur after open surgery or the needle aponeurotomy/percutaneous fasciotomy procedures. Open surgery requires general or regional anesthesia in an operating room. Open surgery has the downside of increased bleeding, pain, anesthesia side effects/complications, tendon/nerve/artery injury, post operative splinting and therapy, cost, and complexity of care. I have been performing complex open surgery and revisions for the appropriate patients, but you must live locally in my area so that care can be properly coordinated. Open surgery also can be used for the patient that does not have necessarily a severe contracture, but does want a lower recurrence rate.




These pictures are of open surgery and NOT the needle aponeurotomy/fasciotomy procedure, see previous web page for these.




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