What is Dupuytren's disease?

Dupuytren's disease is a benign growth that occurs in the palm and fingers of hands in affected individuals. It can occur in both men and women later in life, and is much more common in caucasians of northern European descent than other ethnic groups. Over time it can cause disabling and unsightly contractures in the palm, that at first are cosmetic but can become a functional problem in time. There currently is no change in lifestyle, medication, or proven non-surgical option for treatment. It is largely considered hereditary but some believe there is an environmental influence, this is still under study. The contractures can occur also on the back of the fingers, on the sole of the foot (Ledderhose's disease), and the penis (Peyronie's disease).


Do I have Dupuytrens?

If you have a firm growth on the skin in one or both palms, especially involving the ring and small fingers, that is slowly progressing and potentially causing a contracture of your fingers, it is possibly Dupuytrens. Often there is a family history of relatives with contracted fingers later in life. It is rare in anyone under 30 years old, African or Asian descent, or after hand trauma.

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